Today you’re my obsession tomorrow not so much I can’t help I shake at the thought of your touch You make sure to twing my mind You can’t leave no matter how hard you try. You’re my obsession, yoy speak to my heart It makea me lazy and I don’t want to dart Yours speaks […]

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Feel the Sun

To blow kisses to the sun would quite unique How you’d feel the light on your skin. Close your eyes inhale deeply Think the last time it made you feel alive That vitamin D absorbing in your bones Lay in it let it run throughout your body Feel the warmth and it’s intense heat Let […]

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What was lost???

You are right, I did loose:   The fear has been lost. The frustration,the expectations of being anyone other than myself. I lost the battle of expectations and others belittlements I lost the value in pleasing others. This side of anyone close to me. I lost the value of walls others try to build around […]

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It’s true there is something bigger at work here. Not sure if it’s by fate,destiny, God, or higher being, if that’s what you seek. I do know there is an understanding, maybe mutual. It seemed as though these feelings of resentment have left. It may be intitionally blocked out, regardless, it’s helping. It’s time to […]

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Be my dreamweaver, let’s roam the night To the spaces in between our dreams can take flight Side by side, we can take them all Are you ready for your destiny call zaaaaa

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Hearts collide

Can you disinagrate the negitive thoughts that go through my head or be there when I’m crying laying in bed You could just hold me and calm my mind  let’s sit there in silence that’s hard to find just your presence calms me down You think what I feel every single time Thats what happens […]

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What if we dared to dream beyond the stars Or dare to surf the waves, rediscover who you are  Would it take a miracle maybe a day To discover you are strong, and, yes , you may You have a strong fighting spirit, Use it: believe in it: May the days to come always be […]

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You could have been the one to defy my gravity, logic and reason It almost seemed like the time, and season You should have been the one to take my heart Here it lays, all torn apart  This puzzle fails to amuse my wisdom I sit here dumbfounded,  waiting for you to come Maybe in […]

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