Flow through the sun,

Flow through the moon float in a galaxy 

land where you want

Land in my bed

land in my dream

fly with me to the next realm

Make us whole

make us complete

allow us to be one

and love once again


Warrior Within

And just like that, she slowly got up, and started walking again. There was no fear, no betrayal, just sheer will on what she needed to get done. Starlet smoothed out her blue jeans, and stayed focused. She was determined it wasn’t going to end like that. It was difficult being her that’s for sure, the odds were stacked against her. She’s little, she’s strong. She’s a warrior. 

 He never saw it coming. She raised her leg and kicked the breath out of him, he grunts and lands on the floor. ” If you ever come back, I’ll kill you next time,” she said panting. Al layed there for a minute regaining his breath, stood up and says, “this isn’t over yet.” He walks away”.You not getting my family,” she hollers.  Starlet proceeds to walk back down the road. “Damn, “she thinks,  what a day.”



Today you’re my obsession tomorrow not so much

I can’t help I shake at the thought of your touch

You make sure to twing my mind

You can’t leave no matter how hard you try.

You’re my obsession, yoy speak to my heart

It makea me lazy and I don’t want to dart

Yours speaks to mine, soft spoken and strong.

My arms are where you belong

Head vs Heart

But will you dare to try to pick up where we left off, it would be too easy

Learn to trust and love… again…

It seems so overwhelmiing, the thoughts alone…Can we make this work?’ What’s your favorite color, what’s your religion, do you even have one? What is your sense of purpose, can you help make my life worth living? Are you a morning person, night person, so on and so forth: There is just so much to learn and it’s just so tedious. It’s really a pain when you are just coming out of a relationship, because you didn’t respect your partner, maybe it was vice versa… The point being….

   When you do find the someone,you date for a period of time, (there should be a period of 5 years,) to learn strengths, weaknesses, thoughts, fears, values, and standards. Can you even stand to look at the other person that long?  If something does go wrong, can you settle your differences in an instant, or does it take a while? These things can weigh on your mind. Would it even be worth the fight? 

Then, there’s these things called feelings: There’s the love, and tender moments for sure.You feel the love when you lay on the others chest. The warmth, comfort, protection, trust, security that one will never leave the other. These feelings are very soothing, comforting, undemanding, and quite sentual. What a debate: XD

Feel the Sun

To blow kisses to the sun would quite unique

How you’d feel the light on your skin.

Close your eyes inhale deeply

Think the last time it made you feel alive

That vitamin D absorbing in your bones

Lay in it let it run throughout your body

Feel the warmth and it’s intense heat

Let nothing go through ypur mind

Just warmth and sunshine

What was lost???

You are right, I did loose:

  The fear has been lost. The frustration,the expectations of being anyone other than myself. I lost the battle of expectations and others belittlements

I lost the value in pleasing others. This side of anyone close to me. I lost the value of walls others try to build around me.  I lost the heart to attend anything not good for my soul. Somewhere I lost the power  to be like you and more myself:  Thats quite a bit of loss:  XD

Short Love Story

Gazing into your eyes drives me crazy

You make me feel so amazing

Being sensual you gaze in my eyes

Do you see the intense need I have? Do you fear the way you feel about me?

To the next level,you touch my body

It makes me shiver in sure delight

When I close my eyes, my  breath touches your neck.  You breathe sharp, feeling my need.Close your eyes and embrace me Love. We have all night.